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HAL - The Raw Deal EP play release in jukebox

11 Jul 2005 :: MP3

In stark contrast to the last couple of Polymorphic releases we find HAL returning with some straight up minimal Techno and dancefloor material. Solid production and some slick arrangements ensure the groove is kept pumping throughout the majority of the release

'Playin the Game' is built around a rolling bassline and some tight drum programming punctuated by stimulating sound design in the form of digital debris that slices through the soundfield.

'750 Hurts' interupts the flow and explores slightly imperfect waveforms and subtle EQ changes to devasting effect. Then it's back in the fast lane with 'Pushed' which is a unashamed nod to Detroit minimalism with it's simple programming and clean production utilised to maximum effect. As the track progresses and builds it's focus and rhythm shift, ending in an entirely different place altogether...

'Ate Bit Byte' is environmentally friendly Techno, rhythms and drums programmed from the leftover remnants of vocal inflections, coaxed into a swingin, dirty arrangement with a laidback housey feel. Lastly we go deep underground with the cavernous sound of 'Magma'. The track marches to an old school Techno beat which feels like the listener is trapped inside a bassbin, encompassed by a pulsing and warming heartbeat.

Well, things started off lighthearted ;) LOUD VOLUME REQUIRED !!

download :: 1. HAL - Playing the Game

download :: 2. HAL - 750 Hurts

download :: 3. HAL - Pushed

download :: 4. HAL - Ate Bit Bite

download :: 5. HAL - Magma

download :: 6. HAL - Every good story..

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