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Level - Cycla play release in jukebox

19 Dec 2004 :: MP3

Cycla is the first release from Polymorphic newcomer Level.

The atmospheric sound is beautifully restrained exposing fractured melodies and shards of piano that cohere and dissipate within the sound field.

The music within this release is composed using an iterative cycle of processing utilising Level's own source material as a sonic sculpture. Gradually, all the formal elements are stripped away and re-composited until only the residual remnants of the original structures remain.

10/01/05 - Please note that this release has now secured a commercial deal via the revered Japanese minimalist label Spekk. The record should be available in the late Spring so if you enjoyed the Level sound please show support and make a purchase from Spekk directly. A selection of full previews are available (stream only) so you can still check out some of the tracks if you haven't heard them yet. Level has kindly promised us some alternate exclusive material soon so watch this space !

:: 1. Level - Sensit

:: 2. Level - Colimn

:: 3. Level - Desagn

:: 4. Level - Resinn

:: 5. Level - Aler Besc

:: 6. Level - Formen

:: 7. Level - Ferna

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