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05 Apr 2007 :: MP3

There is always something exciting about discovering new music, and that sensation is certainly present on listening to the Low and Feary EP. Tension mounts, with a feeling you are likely to be blown away at any moment. This is music for right here and right now, while other forms of electronica - most notebly drum and bass, are sounding old hat and repetitive, the Low and Feary EP captures your imagination and gives you the sense that a new chapter is well under way.

This EP offers the listener a variety of musical pleasures. Dynamite Skank is about a feeling of space and openness, flowing in a steady electronic stream. Urgency is not important here and though the tempo is restrained, the driving beat keeps pushing the listener on. A scattering of dubbed out beats mixed with a delightfully heavy, dark distorted voice sample make this track an essential experience.

This is Dubstep stripped down to the bare bones, intriguing and mesmerising, it builds a landscape in your mind. I find myself recalling records from the likes of The Bug, and Laurent Garnier who created a similar feeling of landscape and environment.

The mood changes with Artcore Steppa, beautifully haunting 100% pure dubstep goodness. When you think you have his record understood, it throws a curve ball, a two step garage beat comes out from hiding. I can't help but draw parallels to early Wookie. Then you are away, swept along, snippets of dirty bass snap away at you. Thoughts of a packed, sweaty club in East London spring to mind. Bodies hypnotized by the sound, this is serious stuff, not one for the faint hearted. Everything about this tune is so right, from the husky lush vocal that punctuates throughout, to the little breakdowns, and ever so dirty bassline.

With the rise of Dubstep, the importance of good music being released is vital for longevity. Acts like Skream, Benga, Kode 9, with a little help from Mary Anne Hobbs on her radio 1 shows have strived to educate us, now we must use this education wisely and seek out nuggets like this. Artcore Steppa is a must have track, it works on so many levels. It does not try and hide it's influences, dub and garage, which is wonderful, it takes you by the hand, and guides you with effortless ease through a new aural experience.

The final track Low and Feary is short but ever so sweet, a slow marauding beast. Heavily drenched in all things Dub, it rumbles with a deep, deep bassline. Spatial's love of the Dub sound is ever present on this track and throughout the EP, and as his name suggests, his detailed use of sonic space is superb, interwoven with an underlying brooding tension. Again there is a strong feeling of environment and atmosphere with this track, a rugged, lawless landscape. Spatial has stamped his mark, and although some of his musical influences are clear, they do not hinder this production, and he manages to bring something extra to all three recordings.

Spatial has started something very exciting with Low and Feary, the overall effect leaves you with extremely curious to hear what's coming next.. I for one will be eagerly awaiting.

Reviewed by Andrew Kiwanuka

download :: 1. Spatial - Dynamite Skank

download :: 2. Spatial - Artcore Steppa

download :: 3. Spatial - Low and Feary

pete may over 8 years ago..

Wow, This is some deep deep shit. Dubstep unlike the other dubstep. Listen at your
own risk!


We will

place over 8 years ago..

nice deep tunes here! I especially dig the 2-step beats in Artcore Steppa... keeps it oingy boingy. Big up!

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