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Sepia Hours - Linear Smooth Changes play release in jukebox

13 Sep 2006 :: MP3

The first release on Polymorphic for established netlabel artist Sepia Hours is a collection of sketchbook narratives that cohere into a pure sonic experience of the finest kind.

Linear Smooth Changes is an organically evolving work that avoids comfortable or obvious terrain whilst still being an accessible listen. The interplay of recorded sound and percussive electronics remind of Four Tet but where Hebdens' work is largely underpinned by structured Hip Hop or Jazz rhythms, Biset leaves the drumming looser leaving the tracks in a more abstract form.

The naivety and playfulness in this rhythm is overlayed by softly spoken / barely sung lyrics amidst an ensemble of subtlety shifting sinusoidal tones and delicate guitar phrases. Child-like toned percussion permeates throughout whilst recorded ambient sounds add to the organic feel. The playful pastoral phrases recall Icelandic favourites Múm.

This beautiful recording is clearly human creation and not synthetic or machine music despite it's utilisation of technology and the blasts of digital embellishment.

Reviewed by Matt Spendlove

download :: 1. Sepia Hours - Outdoor

download :: 2. Sepia Hours - Less damage

download :: 3. Sepia Hours - Silent confusion

download :: 4. Sepia Hours - Slow walking

download :: 5. Sepia Hours - To Forget How To Tell About Things

download :: 6. Sepia Hours - Last thirst

download :: 7. Sepia Hours - Trying to make possible

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