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Hyperlanguage - Hyperlanguage preview play release in jukebox

30 Aug 2006 :: MP3


This preview release of Hyperlanguage acts a precursor to the improvised sound installation at this years Netaudio 06 festival. It aims to give the listener an aural context for the project whilst introducing the fundamental themes of investigation with which the participating artists are concerned.


Working from a point that accepts that all languages are already there…every permutation already exists…

Working from a point that accepts that languages evolve and mutate..everything has to be discovered…absorbed and understood…

The three artists that currently comprise this collaborative network have constructed a live incarnation of an exploratory work based upon the concept of a hypothetical “Hyperlanguage”, a hybrid language consisting of part human, part machine syntax manifested through contemporary technology.

Hyperlanguage was formulated as an ongoing experimental test bed – a laboratory of sorts – a formal analysis and exploration of human language fused with digital technology. The future of humankind is inextricably linked with high technology, and a sentient electronic collective is emerging from today’s ever- expanding panoply of telecommunications networks. Perhaps Hyperlanguage is an outgrowth of our relationship with technology, high speed communication via rapid transit systems, a language born of the information age?

What we present here is best explained as a synthesis of ideas and experiments in the form of a three way “conversation” between three artists interacting with [and through] three [or more] machines. The results presented here are unrehearsed, unpredictable, and unknown, and are therefore not readily categorisable as “art”, “music”, or “entertainment” as such, but perhaps a collision and collapsing of all three… a parallel universe in which sounds, voices, and digital information slide within each other to become manifestations of a shadowy realm, fluctuating somewhere between the organic, the technological, and the cultural.

Hyperlanguage is the simultaneous rapport between three audio artists, and the gradual evolution over a given period of time of a real –time digital communication.
We hope to explore language [through sound] in various states, the point of departure is in initiating human vocalisations and digital structures, and derailing them, moving them to a point where once fused, a hybrid language emerges of its own volition over the course of the presentation. The end result is yet to be known..it is not quantifiable..it is boundary-less, without a defined end or beginning. Once digitised, language is released from it’s human origins, and can transform itself into a multitude of possibilities, it becomes a fluid system unimpeded by any physical or conceptual limits..this is where the true work of Hyperlanguage begins…

There will be further presentations of the Hyperlanguage project in live and recorded formats. Visit our blog/website frequently for updates and further information .

Si_Comm 2006

download :: 1. Hyperlanguage - Utterance

download :: 2. Hyperlanguage - N-Spaces_-_Verbomotor-2702

download :: 3. Hyperlanguage - N-Spaces_-_Verbomotor-2703

download :: 4. Hyperlanguage - N-Spaces_-_Verbomotor-2706

download :: 5. Hyperlanguage - N-Spaces_-_Verbomotor-2709

download :: 6. Hyperlanguage - S.E.T.I_-_Atmosphere_Processing

download :: 7. Hyperlanguage - S.E.T.I_-_Spirals

download :: 8. Hyperlanguage - S.E.T.I_-_Sylana

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