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22 Nov 2004

We are currently experiencing performance issues with the playback of the musical content of the site. From your perspective it may mean that the jukebox loads but the track playback is choppy, or, in the case of the larger files (i.e. the mixes) they may not play at all :(

We host the musical content ourselves to keep costs down so our bandwidth is very limited. This had proved fine initially but the MASSIVE increase in demand over the last couple of days has stretched the resources

We have decided to look for a professional hosting solution and aim to have this completed within the next few days.

We wholeheartedly apologise if your experience of the musical content of the site isn't great. Please bookmark us and check back soon or better still subscribe to the mailing list. We can then send out a mail when everythings back to normal.

Thanks for your patience :)

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