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15 Oct 2005

Newcastle based event featuring a host of artists and an appearance from Elliot Little who has a release on Polymorphic comin soon..

HEAD OF STEAM (Opposite Central Station)


Hidden away in their dank laboratory off Newcastle’s infamous Bigg Market, the Guessmen have been constructing a world of sodden tracks infused with the unhealthy binge mentality of their surroundings; inhabited by a cast of dropouts, freaks and subhuman creatures. Influenced as much by Sun Ra’s extra terrestrial jazz as the vapid pop music polluting the air of every town, the Guessmen’s idiosyncratic style has left punters scratching their heads whilst trying to warn their ass to stop shaking and their shoulders to stop twitching.

Live shows combine precise digital beats with uncompromising freeform lunacy,deploying Edgeman’s unruly trumpet parps and virtuoso balloon squeaking, Squeaky Feet's bass clarinet abuse and BigToe’s beautiful Kazoo playing alongside their traditional laptop/decks/vocal combination.

He’s only nine years old _ but he is one of Newcastles most audacious expontents of experimental music.

The sounds he creates are beautiful and sublime, imaginative and always intriguing. Check out his 2004 release Map music also the limited edition In your heart you will find your dreams.

The nine year old hodson can do anything! Thanks to a fabulous electronic device which can transfer the brain patterns of those who are the greatest experts in their field. When he receives these brain patterns, Andrew, with the aid of a special pair of glasses which have built-in electrodes, becomes a man in thought and deed……can become the greatest of all astronauts, musicians, a dare-devil pilot a brilliant brain surgeon or whatever else may be necessary for him as the most daring of all agents attached to the World Intelligence Network of Electronic Music…. Yet he still looks what he really is a normal, healthy school boy. Every live show, audio release and assignment brings new excitement, new hazards and unexpected situations for Andrew, Audience and listeners alike!!!!! /

Trapped for seventy years in a labyrinthine maze of wires and gadgets Elliot Little and Richard Phipps escaped thanks to the bastardized souls of Bobby McFerrin and Steve Reich. There journey from this underground lair has led them through Norwich via Birmingham navigating both the M6 and spaghetti junction

On route the pair have aquired audio skills that both shock and awe. There live, improvised, sets combines vocal beat box, live sampling and techno warblings!!

Whilst narrowly avoiding a collision with Halley's Comet in his specially adapted Renault Clio (trans-mat)Mike Plus encountered a distress signal emanating from the city of Newcastle, England, Earth on 16th October 2005. He responds and arrives with elektro bass sonic devices in tow. Expect techno sounds that will blow your head from here to the ice tombs oftelos!!!!!!!!!!!!Is it Man or Machine??

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