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10 Nov 2007

Mr Creative Commons speaks out on TED Essential rationalism in times of increasing stupidity regarding digital copyright.

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09 Nov 2007

Sad news folks, the mighty Smallfish is set to close in Jan 08. We'd like to take the opportunity to thank them for their long standing service to all things leftfield and wish them the very best for the future.

The only molecule of goodness from this sad event is the massive 70% sale. Go show your support and purchase-a-plenty to send them off into the sunset smiling :)

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05 Nov 2007

Run celebrate their 3rd birthday with Detroit legend Dan Bell on the decks. Joined by a return visit from Andy Vaz and backed by the solid Run / After Dinner regulars it promises to be fantastic evening.

:::DANIEL BELL (7th City / Accelerate – Detroit)
:::ANDY VAZ [live] (Yore / A Touch of Class / background – Cologne)
:::Alex Fisher [live] (After-Dinner)
:::Chris Box (run / motronic)
:::Andi Sparks (After-Dinner / Netaudio London)
:::Russell Skellon (run / motronic)

11pm – late @ a private studio, North London £12.50 / £10 (adv)

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05 Sep 2007

Yes yes! the fantastic 365 Days Project returns for 2007. The project releases a selection of weird and wonderful sounds DAILY for a whole year. A fantastic achievement that supplies the best in obscure audio selections.

The easiest way to keep up is to head on over to the WFMU hosted 365 days blog and choose one of the RSS formats for your podcatcher.

Whilst we're on the subject of the tireless Otis Fodder, we should mention the Comfort Stand archives that are available via the legal torrents site.

"Porn Music For The Masses" indeed :)

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27 May 2007

Run Sounds and the After-Dinner netlabel team up again for another session on Saturday June 16th :

::: Lump [live] (Future Dub / Rrygular / Karloff / Süd Electronic / Substatic)
::: Sebastian Russell [live] (Multi Vitamins / Telegraph / Enliven)
::: Alex Fisher [live] (After Dinner / Netaudio London)
::: Chris Box (run / Netaudio London)
::: Russell Skellon (run / Motronic)
::: Andi Sparks (After Dinner / Netaudio London)
::: Triggerset [visuals]

SHUNT Vaults, 20 Stainer Street, London SE1 9RL
11pm – 6am >>> no entry after 3am £10, please email info AT runsounds DOT com for £7 entry


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04 May 2007

Put simply - The Spitz is our favourite London venue.

We can't even begin to contemplate it's closure. If your in and around London then nows your chance to go support them :

Up until the end of September the most immediate way to support The Spitz is by making a donation to the Save The Spitz appeal and using The Spitz as much as possible. Whether you book a table in the restaurant for lunch or hold your party in the gallery or come and see a gig we would be delighted to see you. Please show your support by voting with your feet.

You can also sign a petition, cross your fingers, practice voodoo...

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04 May 2007

The good folks over at Smallfish are having a 50% OFF SALE !! Go support them and pick up some of those gems you missed.. They have a massive selection of exellent stock so they'll be bargins-a-plenty :)

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05 Apr 2007

We've added the ability to comment on our news items, releases and mixes. Please let us know what you think of the content. It's always good for the artists to get a few props :)

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28 Mar 2007

Dubstep squat party, this Friday 30th March.

This current wave of U.K. dance is the most promising thing we've heard come out of the club scene in a long time. Underpinned by heavy old skool sub bass and half step dub rhythms that provide a canvas for sonic experimentation, the shear depth of sound gives producers the space to explore, re-invent and redefine a variety of influences from Jungle, Hip Hop to Techno, all punctuated by an undertone of urban decay and dystopian future.

You wanna find out if all the hype is deserved ? - Go check it out...Basssssss.....
Read below or check the e-flyer for details.

Abacus Sounds presents...



T_! b2b R.Demon (Macabre Unit)
Rootsteady (Electrodub, reggae, dubstep)
HXW (Formerly Rivalry; dub, dubstep - Abacus)
Heva (Bashment, dubstep, grime - Abacus)
Bracket (Old skool, jungle, dubstep - Combat Recordings/Plex)
Mission Creep (Abacus)
$hy (Dubstep - afterdark)
Synthektik (Dub, dubstep - Abacus)
Easychord (Screwed & chopped hip-hop set - Vice/Do it!)
Pathfinder (Drum n bass, dubstep - Abacus)


K9 (Macabre Unit)
...and a very special very favorite surprise guest mc...

Call 07974892670

£5 -- East London location -- £1.50 beers -- security tight but polite -- support the cause

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18 Feb 2007

We've created a podcast of all our downloadable releases and mixes so you can keep up to date with the audio content from your favourite podcatcher. If your new to podcasting it's basically just on demand media content. You subscribe via a podcatcher (or aggregator)  to podcasts from websites / channels that your interested in and the software downloads the content for you. The content is then available on your machine for playback at your leisure. Check this podcatcher list compatible software for your operating system.

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22 Jan 2007

Next generation of synthesizer / digital audio performance tool anyone ? Reactable is a "state-of-the-art multi-user electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface" The video demo is fairly self explanatory to anyone with a basic understanding of synthesis. We were totally blown away by this kit and we'd love to get our hands on it ! Hopefully tools like this will help to advance the performance aspect of digital music which is often comparable and about as exciting as watching someone check their emails..

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22 Jan 2007

Bang is a book about Pure Data - the free and Open Source real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing. Bang was published towards the end of last year but you can download the chapters for free from the website. Chapters such as Pd & SynaesthesiaBasic Physical Modeling Concepts and Is Pd Art? No and Yes. Two Attempts ensure there is something for everyone. Go Consume..

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22 Jan 2007

We're a little late in picking this up but there's a nice review of Sepia Hours from the excellent Belgian musical webzine Derives.net. Derives.net specialise in reviewing intimate and atmospheric indie music of the finest kind and are a great source of underground musics.
Happy 2007 folks :)

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