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16 Jan 2005

We've added an RSS feed to the site so you can keep up to date with our releases from the comfort of your favourite news aggregator. RSS is a pretty straight forward concept. Consumers (that's you) subscribe to channels that are of interest to them via a piece of news reader software that runs locally on your machine (often called a news aggregator). You are then automatically informed when any of you chosen feeds are updated as a new headline will appear in the news reader. You can keep tabs on the activity of various different web sites all in one place.

You can find a more in depth primer here

If you haven't tried it already we recommend the free firefox browser for general purpose internet browsing. It has many advantages over Internet Explorer but one of the nicest features is tabbed browsing. An other nice feature is that you can add live bookmarks. This allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds and keep track of them from within your browser. Firefox will tell you when you've come across a page with an RSS feed available by displaying a special icon in the bottom right corner. You can install the sage plugin if you require more features from your aggregator.

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