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19 Jul 2004

After what seems like and eternity since i had the idea to do this site i am finally managing to get some content up !

The main idea behind this project is to provide an outlet for myself and my friends to use to gain some exposure to their work. I have been sifting through archives, blowing off the dust with the intention of showing some of this stuff the light of day. The tracks initially available are older material but i am currently working on some newer sounds which i will put up as soon as they are ready.

I want to try and embrace the Internet as a means of distribution as well as exploring the more traditional routes. I aim to get an short run EP out in the very near future and back this up with other MP3s for free download .

Please enjoy the site and feel free to contact me with any feedback

Posted by admin

matt over 7 years ago..

Yay !!

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