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25 Aug 2009

This site is now in a permanent state of hibernation.. The contributors have their hands full with other projects so it seems the only sensible option.

Polymorphic will stay live and all the music continue to be accessible despite the lack of updates..

Thanks to all those that contributed in one way or another :)

Ciao for now..

Matt Spendlove

Posted by Matt Spendlove

19 Feb 2009

View Bag Of Nothingness

Yes yes! Error Broadcast opens for business in fine style rep’ing the somewhat underexposed genre of leftfield Hip Hop in the netaudio arena.

The quality of tracks on this comp is testament to the selecta abilites of the headz behind the project. Swen & Flip run 12rec and Zymogen respectively, two established vehicles for exacting netaudio.

Props :)

Posted by admin

19 Jan 2009

The Netaudio gang will be hooking up with our Berlin partners and decamping to Club Transmediale for next weeks festival. There’s a wide and varied lineup of music throughout the festival which looks set to be an excellent event.

We’ll be showcasing our interactive Ping Pong game/performance and providing a selection of collaborations between associated London and Berlin electronic artists.

Full details of Netaudio at Club Transmediale

Come say hi if your attending!

Posted by admin

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