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Sébastien Biset, historian of art and musician from Belgium, created Sepia Hours in 2004, with a first Ep on the Belgian netlabel Sundays in Spring. After a second release on SiS, the artist has been populating other netlabels with a few releases on Social Fashion Records (Belgium, 2005), Beat is Murder (Austria, 2006) and, now, Polymorphic (England, 2006).

Sébastien has to centre all his ideas and desires into different pieces without falling back on the too brazen sound impulses that do not contribute to a coherent whole. Sepia Hours is an indietronica, experimental and post-modern songwriting, an emphasis on fragmented forms, discontinuous narratives, and random-seeming collages of different materials. It appears that research on the voice had come to a dispersion of the words in certain pieces. Words become echoes, they appear and disappear again, the voice always somewhere between singing and whisper mixed with the guitar airs and electronic lines. His blurry low key vocals wander through some interesting soundscapes created from gently slipping amalgams of guitar lines, splintered minimalism and the odd unexpected sonic detour. The mood is not however dark, but rather calm and peaceful.The landscape of sound is very serene. Dreamy vocals and ambient grooves, layers and melodies continue to appear, a series of interconnecting lines move with the waves of music. Harmonies and playful quality made it accessible… Between instrumental minimalism, indie songs, experimentation and electronics, whispers and veiled samplers, between attempts and unavoidable errors, sounds investigations try to come as pure organic material.

Sébastien Biset is also active in the platform Social Fashion Records (netlabel, performances, exhibitions, etc.) which promote music and art in margin of the practices of listening, while widening this field with a broader reflexion on our contemporary culture, its problems and directions.

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