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Hyperlanguage play artist in jukebox
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Hyperlanguage, an art installation and recording project founded by Si_Comm, & S.E.T.I. and now joined by N-Spaces will present a live, improvised installment at Netaudio 06.

Baz Nichols

Level & Si_Comm are projects by Baz Nichols. Level is, for want of a better description, a minimal project which experiments with traditional ideas of composition, and “deconstructs” sounds in order to create something very different. Recent releases on the Polymorphic netlabel and Spekk in Japan. Si_Comm retains the minimalist ethic, but translates this into hard digital manipulation. Following on from previous installation work, this project aims to unify concepts of sound, pattern, mathematics and evolution into an experimental platform. Of equal concern to both these projects and equivalent importance as the musical element is the networks created as a result of its dissemination, and how these networks can be usefully engineered to spread ideas, and ignite collaboration.

Andrew Lagowski

Andrew Lagowski (S.E.T.I.) has been recording and releasing electronic music since 1982, under the names Lagowski, S.E.T.I., Nagamatzu and Legion and in collaboration with Lustmord, Terror Against Terror, Si_COMM and Isolrubin B.K. As S.E.T.I. he has performed live in Aarhus Planetarium in Denmark, St. Paul’s Church, Opwijk (Belgium), the Phonotaktik Festival (Vienna Planetarium) and at Ten Weyngaert, Brussels, alongside Fennesz, as well as in Germany on several occasions.
“S.E.T.I.’s quest for capturing unknown intelligence is one of virtuous discourse and unbridled exploration.” – IglooMagazine/T.J. Norris.

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson (N-Spaces) is a designer, creating typographies of both sound and place: where databending collides with visual/verbal language and where alphabetic and linguistic rules and principles are applied as strategies for the creation, organisation and manipulation of sound and sonic artefacts. Letterforms are reprocessed into sound and broken. All manner of sound-texts are created. Sonic typefaces are designed and words, phrases and sentences are written as sound.

In 2006, Paul Wilson has been commissioned to transform a year’s worth of Wire magazine covers into a twelve-minute sound-text; presented an installation sonically and visually reprocessing the cover to The Fall’s ‘Twenty Seven Points’ LP as part of the Paintwork exhibition in Berlin, and performed a live online a/v mix based on the extreme environment of the former atomic weapons research establishment at Orford Ness for the Furtherfield organisation, as part of their ‘Month of Sundays’ programme.

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