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Grounded Circle is the pseudonym of Elliot Little, a music student completing his final year at Newcastle University in 2006. He creates emotive, intricate and melodic Electronica on his computer, cross fertilizing compositional techniques of established composers with contemporary influences.

Elliot gained a grounding in instrumentation and rhythmical techniques whilst playing guitar, trumpet and drums in local groups around the Norfolk area. This education seems to have served him well for the migration into the purely digital domain.

Describing his music as "electronica that takes on minimalist principles" we can hear a melting pot of conceptual ideas within modern forms and structures. Elliot's interest in composers such as Steve Reich, Stockhausen and John Cage permeates his sound without the results becoming purely conceptual, the balance appears to be just right.

Elliot plays live around Newcastle in the Grounded Circle incarnation as well as being active in project called The Creatures of Conditioned Reflex. This group use live sampling of vocalisations and beatboxing as the source for their material for their compositions.

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