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Polymorphic : the occurrence of something in several different forms (Oxford English Dictionary)

Polymorphic Recordings has been setup to release the work of the artists associated with this project.
The Internet is an extremely powerful distribution network available to anyone with a personal computer. We aim to embrace its potential to enable us to gain maximum exposure for these artists.
In the future, we'd like to release some short vinyl runs with particular attention to artwork and packaging. Hopefully this will gain a wider audience for the artists and help to promote the web site.
We hope likeminded people will become interested and contribute material with the end goal of providing a desirable site with a wide ranging selection of quality free music.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
You are free to distribute the original musical content of this site as you wish.

The third party content is for streaming only. No downloads will be made available.

Matt Spendlove

Web developer by day, you can find a bit more info over at radial.
Curator of the site and responsible of most of the content and coding. Sometimes finding a space to produce music.

Freya Boyle

Responsible for graphic design and illustration.
Sometimes she paints perty pictures too. Freya's virtual home.

Mike Oliver

We didnt think Mike had enough on his plate running the excellent Smallfish Records, and reviewing other peoples output over on his blog so we thought we'd get him reviewing some of our releases aswell..
When given a minute to himself he produces some rather slick minimal sounds under the guise of Remote_.

Mark Harwood

Head honcho of Synaesthesia, the Melbourne based experimental music store and eponymous record label.

Andrew Kiwanuka

Aspiring music journalist, who is for hire for weddings, funerals, and barmitzas. Full time music junkie.

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